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Glass Jar Edibles Packaging 

This Category is for Pre-Labelled Glass Jar Edibles Packaging, If you’re looking for Mylar Bag Edibles Packaging Click Here.

What Size Glass Jars Do You Supply?

You can purchase your Glass Jars in size 3.5g which is perfectly capable of holding 60ml . Our Glass Jars Have a Child Proof Lock to ensure that all content you put in them stays fresh! Our Glass Jars are thick, durable and a long term and effective food storage solution. Our Glass jars are Child Proof, Smell Proof & simply put are the best on the market

We only stock the finest quality glass jars at UK Edibles Packaging, we don’t expect you to compromise on quality.

Do I Have a Choice of Label Material?

Yes! You can also purchase your Glass Jar Edibles Packaging Jars with your choice of label material. We currently offer Gloss, Matte, Clear, Holographic, Glitter Holographic & Glow in the dark! Our materials are incredibly high quality and come with an industry leading guarantee. Our gloss especially is water proof and weather proof with an ink life of 7 years.

Do you need a Tamper Proof Lid Stickers for your Glass Jars? 

UK Edibles Packaging offer both tamper proof lid stickers and regular lid stickers for our pre-labelled glass jars. Please Note that we do not apply the labels if you choose to purchase the tamper proof style.

For additional requirements on your Glass Jar Edibles Packaging label such as the addition of THC percentage, your logo, your socials e.t.c Let us know at checkout and we’ll get it done! Please be aware this may increase processing times.

Made to order.

Up to 250 Glass Jars Units Ship within 2 days. Larger Orders 2-4 days.

Jar Sizes:

Glass Jar Capacity. Glass Jar Size. (W X H) Label Size. (W X H)
3.5g (60ml) 173mm x 53mm Lid – 42mm x 42mm
Wrap Around – 130mm x 33mm