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Mylar Bags
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Mylar Bags

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Mylar Bags

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Mylar Bags.

This listing is for Plain Smell Proof Mylar Bags/Pouches/Cali Packs only – Free UK Shipping on all orders

Equipped with a zip lock, our high density Mylar bags are an extremely effective long term storage solution. Commonly referred to as Stand up pouches, Mylar Pouches or Cali Packs – Mylar Bags are the UK & Global industry standard for Edible and Flower packaging. Each of our bags have rounded corners & a thick micron density. We don’t flip cheap products.

If you would like to make your Bags Tamper Proof, Child Resistant and Smell Proof then apply a heated press to the top of the Pouch. This can be done with an iron or even pair of hair straighteners.

Do you have different sizes available to purchase?

Yes! We sell 1g, 3.5g, 7g, 14g and 28g Mylar Bags. If you’re interested in purchasing in bulk or require custom dimensions then please contact info@strainlabels.com

What colour are your Mylar Bags?

Our Mylar Pouches have one side matte black and one side clear. This is know to be the industry standard and is synonymous with quality. Extensive research has show that this colour way is the most popular amounts customers and suppliers for Cali Packs.

Do you have the option to buy Ready Made Edible Mylar Bags?

We do yes! If you’d like to purchase Ready Made Edible Bags from our extensive range of in house designs then Click Here.

How Long Does Shipping take?

Here at UK Edible Packaging we offer free Royal Mail Tracked 24 shipping on everything we sell! Whether it’s 25 bags or 1000, you’ll get Free UK Shipping with every single order  remains the same. You are valued.

Uk Shipping – Your Bags are shipped free of charge in the UK – customers can expect to receive their orders within 1 – 3 working days.

International Shipping – Your Mylar Pouches are generally shipped the same day via express shipping – customers can expect to receive their orders within 1 working week.

Bag Sizes:

 Bag Capacity. Bag Size. (W X H)
1g (1/28oz) 103mm x 100mm
3.5g (1/8oz) 103mm x 127mm
7g (1/4oz) 103mm x 165mm
14g (1/2oz) 125mm x 204mm
28g (1oz) 151mm x 234mm

Additional information


Matte Black / Clear

Bag Size

1g (W103mm x H100mm), 3.5g (W103mm x H127mm), 7g (W103mm x H165mm), 14g (W125mm x H204mm), 28g (W151mm x H234mm)


10, 25, 50, 100


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